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Activist Post: Google\’s Revolution Factory; Alliance of Youth Movements: Color Revolution 2.0

This is an absolute must read!


Activist Post: Google\’s Revolution Factory; Alliance of Youth Movements: Color Revolution 2.0.


..Made for A Moral and Religious People

Outstanding explanation 8 minutes worth watching.

Arguing with a Liberal

This is good.

Must Watch Video

It’s been a while since I posted anything. I was surfing the net this morning and came across this from Michael Savage 3 and a half minutes and it sent chills up my spine.


Not to Harsh your Mellow on this Thanksgiving Eve But….

I signed up for the NIA newsletter, just got a notification of this just released video. It is a little scary.


Kids Aren’t Cars; Schools Aren’t Factories

I have been working with a group here in town that is trying to return fiscal responsibility back to our school district. There is a levy on the November ballot and we want to Reform first Levy later. This is a great article in support of that.

From biggovernment.com

by Kyle Olson


As “Waiting for ‘Superman’” so eloquently points out, the industrial assembly-line model of America’s public schools, created decades ago, isn’t working.  In fact, it’s setting us further and further behind our global competitors.

Today, it is essential that our children graduate high school and college prepared for the fierce competition they will face in the global marketplace.  Their economic survival will be determined by their ability to compete with countries like China, India, and other emerging economies.

This requires that our public schools be innovative and effective.  Instead, our schools are using a failed, one-size-fits-all approach to education that may actually end up hurting our children.

It’s interesting that our slide began in the 1970s.  Just ten years earlier, collective bargaining, the crowning glory of labor unions, took root in our public schools. Coincidence?

Collective bargaining agreements, which carry the weight of law, enshrine such policies as seniority (last hired, first fired), tenure (lifetime job protection in as little as two years) and due process (an extra-legal process outside the court system).  Oh, and automatic yearly raises– not for performance, but simply for logging another year in the system.  In other words, we give teachers raises simply for not dying over the summer.

This is a beautiful system – if you’re a public school employee.  But if you’re a student in the public school system, well, it’s like being drafted by the Detroit Lions.


By bringing the auto manufacturing mentality into our public school system, it has turned teaching from a hard-earned, highly-respected career into a blue-collar, see-you-on-the-picket-line endeavor.  Taxpayers deserve better.  Teachers deserve better.

So just imagine my disappointment when Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced an Education Reform Conference with Dennis Van Roekel and Randi Weingarten, the presidents of the two national teachers unions.  The unions are taking a lot of fire right now, and rightly so.  But instead of isolating and marginalizing the unions, Duncan is giving them credibility.  And the unions’ purpose is clear: buy enough time until the outrage caused by “Waiting for ‘Superman’” dies down, and then quietly maintain the status quo.

What’s troubling is not just that the Obama Administration is going to link arms with the biggest problem in public education; it’s the mindset with which it’s being conceived.

It’s called a conference on collaboration between “labor” and “management.”  Is Arne Duncan now the auto bailout czar and I missed that press release?  Or is he using terminology usually reserved for blue-collar factories?

What “Waiting for ‘Superman’” showed us is that this assembly-line approach to public education is horribly flawed.  If its financial future wasn’t guaranteed by tax dollars, it would be fatally flawed.

But Duncan has once again picked up the union song book and will join Van Roekel and Weingarten’s “Amen” chorus.

So much for looking to the Obama administration to get kids off the assembly line.

You Can Keep Your Plan??

Anyone reading this should pass it on to seniors. This is just the beginning of the rationing and premium increases!

Joesph Smith American Thinker
The President’s pledge that no one will lose their health care plan may be among the first casualties in the drip-drip rollout of the new health care order.

Over the past year and a half the President’s teleprompter said over and over again:

Let me be exactly clear about what health care reform means to you … First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.

The Wall Street Journal now reports that the White House has denied rate increases or benefit reductions to 298 Medicare Advantage plans, out of some 2,100 bids submitted. Medicare Advantage refers to private plans that supplement Medicare with added benefits, currently covering some 11 million people.

“For these plans we said, ‘No, you have to do better,’ ” said Donald Berwick, the Obama administration’s Medicare and Medicaid chief.”

The Journal notes that concerns that some insurers may be forced to drop out of the Medicare and other markets “are spreading on Capitol Hill”

Some Republicans blasted the move as short-sighted.

“The administration may be trying to persuade seniors that everything is fine, but the millions of Medicare beneficiaries who will lose their current coverage or see fewer benefits in the coming years will disagree,” said Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley.

Last year, the federal Medicare agency didn’t deny any bids. “This is as dramatic a turn as I’ve seen from this agency in 20 years,” said John Gorman, a consultant who helped insurers prepare bids.

The move may carry some downsides. Mr. Gorman said that in some cases, the insurers were forced to run their plans at a loss. While it was generally too late for them to withdraw from Medicare Advantage for 2011 — only a handful did — more might drop out for 2012 and force their customers to look for another plan. [emphasis added]

While the rejected increases for 2011 are around the margins, the following year will begin to hit home that the ObamaCare entitlement will come in part at the expense of seniors and the disabled on Medicare:

The bids for 2012 will bring bigger changes to Medicare Advantage mandated by the health overhaul passed in March. The government will begin cutting $136 billion in payments to Medicare Advantage insurers, which will likely force further cuts in benefits.

Indeed, the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), in a detailed analysis (p.30) of ObamaCare, points out that:

More than half the cost of health reform will be paid for by $523 billion in reduced Medicare spending over the next 10 years.

In general, these Medicare spending cuts exceed the new benefits by a factor of more than 10 to one.

More than $200 billion in spending cuts are directed at Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. As a result, one of every two people expected to participate in Medicare Advantage over the next 10 years (7.4 million of 14 million) will lose their coverage entirely, according to Medicare’s chief actuary. [emphasis added]

With planned Medicare cuts also likely to “cause some doctors to retire and force some hospitals out of business,” as the NCPA adds, medical care for seniors appears headed in the wrong direction.

Of course, if your name is Barack “keep-your-plan” Obama or Donald “ration-with-your-eyes-open” Berwick, then perhaps it is the right direction.