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The Real Tsunami

Lost in the noise of the landslide republican take over of the US House of representatives is the fact that at every level of state government there was also a mandate or repudiation of leftist policies.

Following are some very exciting statistics.

  • Republicans picked up over 500 state legislative seats.
  • Republicans gained 11 governorships with a few still out.
  • State chambers were 66 democrat 33 republican and 1 tie it now stands at 55 republican and 40 democrat.
  • Alabama has a republican dominate state house and senate the first time since reconstruction.
  • Republicans have not had this much legislative power since the 1920s.

This is a good link to look at state results.

Now is the time for all liberty groups to start working. We need to make sure the newly elected republicans stay on track. We can change things locally a lot easier than at the national level. Let’s support local petitions and issues. Let’s write letters, emails and make phone calls to our state representatives. We have to let the local people know we support them.

I was at a fund raiser for a state representative and I was told that a couple of phone calls or emails mean a lot more when they receive them than it means for a US representative. The reason is no one really ever communicates with the state level politicians.

I’m excited about moving forward in this country, it seems like a dark cloud is starting to lift.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to an article at Red State that expands on my original post.


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