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The Communist March On Washington

I have been surfing the net and all my favorite sites looking for information on the Communist march on DC. There is some really good information but I think the best written article is here and I wanted to share it with everyone. There are also links to images and videos of the march.


Sitting here on a gloomy Sunday morning checking out the information on the 10.2.10 rally. The lefty blogs like the Huff Po and Daily Kos are barely covering this. It is the last nail in the coffin of the radical left. They are exposed now. When people in the march are chanting Obama ain’t no Socialist, We are We are or you see groups like the International Socialist Organization or The Communist Party USA, you understand how the radicals have hijacked the Democratic party.

This rally was more about sheep being led by Union bosses afraid of losing their power. These people aren’t creators of wealth they are the looters of wealth. They are not freedom loving individualists they are collectivists with a herd mentality. This rally makes me think about the Samuel Adams quote again.  “….Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you may your chains rest lightly upon you……”


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