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Tin Foil Hat Moment

On vacation I read Beck’s Overton Window. It was weird how I found it. In the lobby of the Resort is a book case which holds board games and some used books. Most of the books are paper back and usually old. Hidden on the top shelf behind some older books was a brand new copy of The Overton Window. Great and easy book to read. In the book there is a shadowy PR firm behind all of the plot. I can’t really tell you too much without giving it all away. Bottom line the PR firm is pure evil in it’s manipulation of the whole of America.

Fast forward to today and I stumble upon the video which I will link to HERE . Low and behold a shadowy PR firm named the Rendon Group. Look them up and watch the video. The video is an hour and a half long and I have been watching bits and pieces all day I am only 14 minutes right now but WOW. No wonder the news media turned on Bush.

UPDATE: 45 Minutes in – there are some big time leftists in this video, still not sure where it is going!

UPDATE 2: Almost finished lots of leftist Utopian clap trap as well as anti-capitalism. Don’t watch this, the message went off the rails around 20 minutes in and never recovered!


2 Responses

  1. Mike,
    Thanks for the post. I too read Overton Window and while I could tell many of the “fiction” was true I had no idea about the PR firm. Rendon group fits to a T what Beck has written. I’m convinced he (Beck) knows much more, but is unwilling to talk about it because he lacks conclusive proof.

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