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Common Sense Democrats?

I have said many times if you are wondering what the radical left is up to then listen closely to what they say about the right. Case in point today,  the leftist state run talking points media is saying the GOP is battling an internal civil war. Which when translated using you Pravda filters means the exact opposite. The left is in disarray.

Hopefully some good Democrats (yes there are such things) are waking up and learning that their party has been high-jacked by Radical Leftists  Nancy, Harry and Barry who are not only destroying America, but also are  a cancer to their party.

Democrats are running from their party leadership. First Blache Lincoln denied ‘The One’ three times, now Joe Donnelly from Indiana is denying HRH Pelosi,  see his latest ad below.


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  1. Aonther glaring example of what may be described as rats deserting a sinking (?) ship:http://huff.to/d0UZHv

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