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The Dodd-Frank Travesty (We get Fooled Again)

I wanted to talk about the latest attack on the everyday American Citizen. In the name of  protecting us from evil wall street the power hungry politicians have made yet another deal wit the devil. Do you really think Barney Fran or Chris Dodd wrote any of this bill. It was written by lobbyists and special interest groups in DC.

What a complete farce, another socialist multi-thousand page monstrosity to control our lives. If anyone thinks this has anything to do with party you are sadly mistaken. Both parties are complicit in this and the real monster being created is the nameless faceless unelected bureaucrat and lawyer working behind the scenes.

These people could care less about you or our country they are greed pigs eating at the Washington Tax Payer Funded Money Trough. These people are evil incarnate and don’t even realize it, or they simply rationalize their actions.

I pulled this excerpt from a discussion on the ResistNet web site. The article was very good and can be read here.

The Dodd-Frank bill is the perfect extension of Washington as “a
public-works jobs program for lawyers and lobbyists.” Instead of  encouraging the U.S. economy to invest in engineers, technology and new products, it requires firms to invest in lawyers and lobbyists just to stay alive. It will do nothing to help create new wealth or new net jobs in the economy, but will transfer more wealth to lobbying and law firms in Washington, D.C.

Again the loser in this high stakes power game is you and I!


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