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How Capitol Hill Owns the Business Community

by The New Ledger

In this week’s edition of Coffee and Markets, featuring The New Ledger’s Francis Cianfrocca, we’re talking about Capitol Hill’s new financial regulations, the China revaluation that wasn’t, the spectre of deflation, and the poor gamesmanship of the Business Roundtable. We’re brought to you as always by Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com and LibertyPundits.com.

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[Audio http://newledger.com/podcasts/CoffeeandMarkets062510.mp3%5D

You can subscribe to the podcast by following the links above, and if you’d like to email us, you can do so at coffee[at]newledger.com. We hope you enjoy the show.

I just finished listening to this. I usually listen to these guys on the biggovernment.com site. I wanted to share this one. It is a little scary. These guys are usually right on and they are always ahead of the curve.


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